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So what is the green page? Well the green page is where all the fun stuff goes. Anything that is cool and hip belongs on the green page. Green page will contain all links directly to the fun. If a page isn't as green as this one, how can it be as much fun?

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Funny Videos
Barats and Bereta Theme Song
Just Wonderful (Barats And Bereta)
Windward Reports: Cubicle War 2006 (Barats And Bereta)
Two Scoops (Barats And Bereta)
PC Fratboys (Barats And Bereta)
Ninja Rap (Barats And Bereta)
Suburbanites Censored (Barats And Bereta)
Completely Uncalled For (Barats And Bereta)
Auto Insurance (Barats And Bereta)
Mother's Day (Barats And Bereta)
The Good Word (Barats And Bereta)
AFV Cats segment
Three Mice in a Wheel
Dumb Price is Right Contestant
Dumb Who Wants to be a Millionaire Contestant
Waterbed Prank
High Voiced Guest Distracts Talk Show Host
False Wall Prank
False Path Prank
Van Prank
Baseball Pranks
Glass Door Prank
Order Everything at McDonalds (Chasers)
Fake Chauffeur (Chasers)
Security Cameras (Chasers)
Airport Safety (Chasers)
Cheaper Childcare (Chasers)
35 Evictions (Chasers)
Newsreader Faceoff (Chasers)
Stocking Shopper (Chasers, really funny)
Dog's leg attacks himself
Comedian does Movie Preview Voice
Mac Switch Parody
Sarcasic Lonely Guy (Kids in the Hall)
Kenny Rogers Jackass (Mad TV)
Kenny Rogers Jackass 2 (Mad TV)
The Sporanos on PAX (Mad TV)
Simple Popcorn Popper with John Madden (Mad TV)
Friends Parody (Mad TV)
Newlywed Show Spoof (Mad TV)
Arnold Swarzenegger's New Movie (Mad TV)
Elevator Confessions
Cunningham Muffins
Shenmue (Mega64)
Metal Gear Solid (Mega64)
Tetris (Mega64)
Ghosts 'n Goblins (Mega64)
Hitman (Mega64)
River City Ransom (Mega64)
Paperboy (Mega64)
Katamari (Mega64)
Resident Evil 4 (Mega64)
Ico (Mega64)

Cool Videos:
Rube Goldberg Machines 1
Rube Goldberg Machines 2
Rube Goldberg Machines 3

Funny Pictures
Connect One

Funny Links

That is all for now, the green page will always have additions!